To Laos with Love Reviews

Roland Drake's presentation for "To Laos with Love" was both informative and sympathetic. Disclosing the dark legacy left irresponsibly by the US in the 1960's, we learned as to why so much of Laos' lands were rarely developed. The follow up nicely presented the efforts by Steve Rutledge and everyone in the organization to improve the living conditions and future by providing clean water with long-term sustainable water filters, through building/re-building schools, and providing education. Truly a worthwhile effort by everyone involved.
- H.M. Boyd

On Friday evening, March 4, 2011 I attended "Laos With Love" at the 519 Community Centre on Church Street.
When I arrived there I noticed a 'sign in' table next to a table with coffee urns and sweets ready for the taking. Opposite the entry was another table with "GO" magazines and "To Laos With Love" brochures. 
Roland began the evening by welcoming everybody and introducing guest artists who performed before and after each segment of the presentation. I was impressed by that arrangement as, for most of us, Laos is an unknown country and, what with background information plus a description of the hill country, it helped me to understand that area and the needs of the people who live there. By the information being split into segments it helped me to absorb what was being said. 
The slides were shown on the white wall at the front of the room while Roland gave a very articulate description of what the images illustrated. Hearing him and seeing those photos moved me very deeply. Also, the audience gave rapt attention. If it had been poorly presented, there would have been restlessness but that was not evident.
I was bemused by the fact that the 'entertainment' was presented by three musicians not from southeast Asia but from the Andes. We were listening to the stories of hill people interspersed with music by mountain people and that fitted very well.
All in all it was a very good evening.  
- E. Lacasse 
I was taken aback on how badly affected Laos was by the Vietnam war. Roland's informative presentation To Laos with Love made it clear to me that I must do something to help the lives of Laotians.  The moment I went home, I shared this information with a friend and we immediately went online to learn more about Laos' history - the past and the present.  The exuberance of their culture gives us more reason to help preserve their culture by nourishing their people and their land.    Funny - the news only examines how people have capacity to destroy our land and each other, but never how we can rehabilitate it.  To Laos with Love was educational and a true eye opener.
          - G. Pura 
Very heart filled presentation, Roland.  Thank you.  Congratulations for your great work in order to provide the most substantial item in life for the people in Laos:  Pure water.  You were inspired by your friend and you inspired us also.  Keep up the good work. 
- D & D MacKinnon

I attended the "To Laos with Love" event at the 519 Community Centre on March 4th.
I was touched, moved and inspired by the presentation. Roland vividly portrayed the beauty of Laos - its rich culture and lush scenery. His presentation also included the sadness that the people of Laos got mired into. I was surprised with the facts about Laos that I did not know before. Knowing from the presentation that Laos is the most bombed country in the world just shocked me. I could not believe it. The images I saw were heart-wrenching and yet at the same time I knew I wanted to be part of the action to help this country in whatever way I can. There was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel - I saw openings of action myself. I wanted to help - it was not only an emotional experience. Roland demonstrated to the audience tangible ways to extend love to Laos.
The video clips that Roland created were excellent - quality that could be nominated for best documentary at the Oscars. An amazing evening.

        - A. Reyes